Magic Hour Foundation

Have you heard of the Magic Hour Foundation?

The Magic Hour Foundation is a network of professional photographers who look to serve individuals and families fighting cancer.

Last month I applied to be a volunteer photographer for the Magic Hour Foundation. I am thrilled to announce I have been accepted into the Magic Hour Foundation of Professional Photographers Network! YESSSSSS!! I can barely contain my excitement!



Celebrating life is important. The most important pictures to have, are of our family. When I first heard about this wonderful non-profit organization, I knew this was for me and I had to get involved and volunteer my time to this cause for my community.

Do you know someone who is fighting cancer? In remission? Please check out and apply for a FREE photography session. Time is short and we never know what tomorrow brings. Please, help spread the word!


“Photography is a gift that allows you to capture beautiful moments in time. Looking at a photograph allows you to relive happy memories in both times of grieving or celebration. This is why we believe it is so important to give those in the battle with cancer and their families these lasting memories.”