Pantone Cool Weather Fashion Guide For Your Next Photoshoot

Does this sound all too familiar? You have the outfits ready for the children, but what are you going to wear? What will your husband wear?

Believe me, I get it! If you need a little bit of outfit inspiration for your next photoshoot, this will surely help.

A simple, autumnal palette starts off the guide with cozy knits, soft pleating, and the warm look of tanned
leather. Bring in patched jeans for a casual interpretation, or a dark wool skirt to dress the look up. Chic, cream
tops in linen or silk work best under autumnal knits.






Opt for wine tones, blush pink, and bright poppy red for a fresh fall look ripe with color. Stay dressy in draped
silks and satins, or trade in wide-leg trousers for a pair of slim dark jeans. Stay comfortable in classic leather
booties or play with color-block heels or brocade. Finish the look with trending tassel earrings or simple gem

Stay classic in navy, denim, and, yes, periwinkle. Visible button closures on a wrap skirt or long denim dress
add a touch of youth to the look. Finish the outfit with a wool overcoat and wide-brimmed hat in a fresh color.
Add ankle boots and as desired.

Try a long-sleeve wrap dress for a slimming fall look that will still keep you warm. Accessorize with
monochromatic heels and handbags, and add a beret or statement earrings for a bit of panache.



Stay classic in wool blazers and overcoats in tones of charcoal, navy, and warm grey. Dress the look up with
polished brogues or opt for a casual clean sneaker.

Wine hues for fall are here; opt for shirts in tawny port from a casual tee to a trendy velvet bomber. Keep the
look classic with patent black leather shoes and sleek accessories.

Blues, greys, and classic whites inform these fall outfits. Add prescription glasses and a pair of suspenders for
a fun stylish look, or go dapper and timeless with a matching vest and overcoat.

A casual arrangement in warm tones, these looks are inspired by autumn leaves and woodsy dressing. Go in
an urban direction with a cashmere sweater and classic Chuck Taylors, or stray to the Pacific Northwest in a
classic flannel and natural leather accessories.