Traveling Pink Dress

I had such a fun experience participating in the Traveling Pink Dress this past summer with my fellow Focused Photographers.

This gown was a size 6 and although I was facing a huge move across country from Georgia to California, I bit the bullet and signed on to the project. I knew I would be arriving in my new location not having a model lined up to show off such a gorgeous gown but I didn’t think it would be difficult to find a willing model. The dress soon arrived at my new home but …eek  I didn’t know any one with a young girl who would be able model this pink dress for me. I kept meeting mothers of boys, boy after boy after boy and duhhh… of course I did! I have a few young boys of my own but unfortunately none of them had any six year old sisters and none of those boys wanted to wear and show off this stunning gown, and I really just can’t figure out why not! HAAA!
One afternoon at the pool with my kids I saw this beautiful little princess gracefully splashing around with her mummy and immediately it got me imagining her wearing that Traveling Pink Dress. As I thought to myself, this little beauty just might be able to fit that pink dress and pull off a size 6 gown! I really wasn’t sure if she would fit the gown, the dress looked so much longer on the hanger. So although it didn’t take me too long to figure out how stunning this pink dress would look on her, it took me a bit to work up the courage to ask her mum if she was okay letting her daughter model it for me. Like, I have held on to this dress for a five days now and have to mail it off to the next photographer tomorrow! So while basking in the California sun by the poolside, I eventually thought what the heck! Today, I am totally up for embarrassing myself and asked her mum if she was up for a bit of afternoon fun.  Sure enough, they were game enough to try the gown on and come out and play and I had such a wonderful time seeing her spin and swish the dress around.

Here she is, Julia is such a little sweetheart. I am so glad I she was up for modeling this gorgeous gown me.

Julia and The traveling Pink Dress! Enjoy!


Julia Traveling Pink Dress BW