Tween Studio – Miss A

I had a chance to play with some lighting set ups a few weeks ago and its making me want to play more and more in the studio. It is safe to say that I have been intimidated by studio for so long now and this year it has become my personal goal to get much more comfortable with my studio images. It is not as hard as I thought it would be, expensive yes as the gear adds up very quickly and but most of all it is a ton of fun!!

I asked Miss A to step on in to what I called my tween studio for the day and took a few shots of her. I have to say what a fabulous model she is, beautiful and a natural. I will have her back in the studio to model more for me, you can count on that! For now I want to share with you the beautiful Miss A.

Tween-Studio-Miss-A02Tween StudioTween-Studio-Miss-A03




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